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NEW!!!! Classes & Courses!!!!!!

.-Regular private Tabla Classes for Beginners, Intermediate & Advanced level in Barcelona & punctual classes in Madrid.

-From october to middle of december Sitar classes in Barcelona & punctual classes in Madrid.

Regular classes & workshops in India. Posibility of local acomodation.

For futher information please phone 00 43 - 600 03 09 79 or mail us:

Teachings: the spoken language (oral tradition), learning basic strokes and foundation compositions

The indian music has traditionally been an oral tradition, "Guru-Shisha Param-Para", passed from generation to generation by students hearing and imitating their teachers and memorizing lessons. A notational system exists but students are encouraged to learn by ear.

The Indian philosophy of Guru-Shisha Param-Para (the direct transmission of knowledge from teacher to student) is never ending and on-going through one's life

Tapan teaches tabla classes in a traditional style. Classes include training in recitation and stroke technique. Students are welcome to take notes to help them to practices at home.

For more information about the Classes & Courses, click here

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